The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition is an award-winning educational program developed by the publishers of the world’s premier business newspaper, and devoted to preparing young people for the decisions that will shape their economic future.

Each issue of the monthly Classroom Edition newspaper is packed with articles written by The Wall Street Journal’s experienced staff of reporters, and selected with an eye toward the interests of today’s teenagers. The range of topics illustrates the pervasive influence of business in our daily lives and the diversity of coverage in The Wall Street Journal, including careers, media, college preparation, marketing, personal finance and technology.

The objective is to use the news and trends of the business world to convey meaningful lessons that students can practice every day–in school, at home and in their communities. The newspaper reaches an audience of 700,000 students each month, in more than 5,000 secondary schools across America. Nearly one-third of the subscriptions are sponsored by corporations, organizations and individuals.

In addition to the student newspaper, the Classroom Edition program comprises extensive support materials for teachers and a vibrant Web site. The monthly Teacher Guide, included with each subscription, serves as a launching pad for thoughtful discussions and skill-building activities and assignments linked to each issue’s hottest articles. Subscribers to the Classroom Edition program also receive a daily subscription to The Wall Street Journal at no additional cost.

The Classroom Edition Web site,, blends articles from the newspaper with original content–including daily news headlines; personal finance and college preparation resources for students; and additional instructional materials for teachers.

Since its inception in 1991, the Classroom Edition program has been consistently recognized by the educational publishing community for excellence in editorial content, instructional materials, design and illustration.

Make a commitment now to improving economic and business education in high schools across America. Visit our subscription information page, or contact us today to find out more on how the Classroom Edition can benefit your school, community or organization.